Founded in 2019 by the general manager Ali Daou, The Light began as a mere glimmer of a company aiming to specialize in offering marketing plans and media solutions. As a result, The Light has grown throughout the years to become a standard in media production solutions with numerous executions, varying from simple infographic to creating brand identities, campaigns, motion graphics, documentaries, and much more..






Given its importance in being our purest source of light, the sun stands as the best representative of the three fundamental values adapted by The Light: transparency, creativity, and experience. Throughout centuries, writers have used the sun as a metaphor of truth and clarity, and, to us, this only serves to reflect the transparency we aim to offer by keeping all of our clients aware of every step and tactic taken. Such transparency is only made visible by the brilliant rays of light, which mirror the creativity we whole-heartedly endorse and aspire to keep alight. That way, we pave the way for an experience as crucially profound and essential as the sun’s drive on our natural phenomena and life on earth.

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Film Production

With an experience over 25 years, our aim is to create a satisfactory outcome that brings your vision into life. Starting from planning, the script, storyboard, cast and crew, locations, music selection, filming, editing to post production and finally to distribution. Our team will make sure

they understand your values, brand identity and market position to deliver and achieve the best results in a timely and affordable manner.Our scope of business includes, but not limited to: Promotional videos, Social media videos, Training and educational videos, Animations, Product demonstration videos, Interviews, testimonials and case studies, Company highlight reels, Event and conference videography, Drone aerial videography, Video editing

It goes without a shadow of a doubt that the brand is the pillar upon which the institution, its products, and its activities stand aloft. For this reason, we aspire to accomplish this particular goal through our phenomenal branding services, all of which vary

between inception and development, design and visual identity, art visions, logos, slogans, templates, web and social media designs, and the like..
Graphic & Prints

We provide you with timely and cost effective products while maintaining the high quality. Using the latest technology available, we offer top printing services of our products, which includes but not limited to, business cards, envelopes, brochures, booklets, catalogues and labels.

Web Development

We pride ourselves in creating comprehensive, innovative, and SEO-oriented and -responsive web designs which do not only meet the comfort of mobile dimensions, but also look professional and appealing on any display.In light of that, our focal point

primarily centers around delivering the trendiest and most appealing websites, products, portals, and web applications, all of which are built using the latest technologies and frameworks, as well as customized to meet your professional expectations.
Event Management

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the management and implementation of events and activities are a particular specialization in and of themselves, given the meticulous attention to details paid to ensure the success of events through tackling multiple factors of impression.

The Light takes satisfaction in its broad experience in managing and organizing awe-inspiring events, and it also preens itself on covering conferences, festivals, exhibitions, press conferences, and the launch of projects and products with the help of maintaining effective communication. By doing so, we intend to negate the occurrence of any technical issues or faulty logistics.
Digital Media

It is time to enliven your business and bring your brand to life. In an era where scrolling through online social media platforms is a daily, if not an hourly, routine, putting your brand out there is the key to success. Our team is specialized in understating the clients'

desires and needs to lead a well thought out campaign to ensure customers' satisfaction. We help your brand to target the right audience in a timely manner using all possible means of online and digital platforms to raise your profits and nourish your business.
Media Planning & Consulting

Successful communication performance is closely associated with earlier stages of wise planning, careful implementation and appropriate selection of media channels. Amongst our services, we provide media and communication planning services to institutions

and projects as well as advisory consulting services to clients while simultaneously providing practical assistance in supervising the implementation of the developed plans. Thus, we aim to ensure the ultimate achievement of the desired objectives and further enhancement of performance improving the quality of products and offerings. Our approach is results-driven to achieve measurable outcomes that will help your business thrive. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, so you can be sure that your marketing strategy is cutting-edge and effective.
Media Campaigns

Representing the most crucial element in the broadcasting od ideas, the marketing of products, and the announcement of events, our media campaigns are driven towards both providing sufficient support and advisory services, as well as efficiently marketing, delivering

and following up with the products supplemented by making certain to adhere to the highest standards of quality and cost-effectiveness.
Media Training

Any beginner or individual seeking a career shift, as well as any moderate professional would be pleased to know that The Light also furnishes its clients with general professional training and advanced training for the highly skilled professionals.

Trainings as such are available in a variety of specializations and can be provided based on the clients’ needs and assessments, or as part of larger preset programs.

The Light Portfolio


"We Learn" is an educational platform that enables elementary school students to understand the curricula in a pleasurable and easy manner for children, in both Arabic and English languages.
A team of specialized professors worked on this project to write the educational material, and then the lessons were transformed into a filmable scenario by professional screenwriters, which was followed by filming and production of the material by a number of talented actors, lighting and photography technicians, directors and professional designers to produce high quality material in terms of design, technical form and content.
The material was filmed using the chroma technique, and then adding the appropriate graphics using the techniques of the chroma, chroma keying, motion graphics, and 3D animation.

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